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New Books Launched
From the Niger to the Sahara: The Story of the Archdiocese of Kadunaby Fr Edward O’Connor SMA was launched in Kaduna (Nigeria) on Thursday10 December 2009. Details here.
Owen Maginn: A Missionary’s Storyby Fr Michael O’Shea SMA was launched in Castlewellan, Co Down on Thursday 20 August 2009. Details here

cermenati book

Berengario Cermenati

This book charts the careers of three significant figures in the history of the Ebira (a small ethnic  group in Nigeria’s  Middle belt): an...

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross Fr Kevin O'Gorman SMA is a native of Tipperary Town. He joined the SMA in 1976 and was ordained a...

Saving Sport

SAVING SPORT Fr Kevin O'Gorman SMA Sport has a huge following in society. Events on and off the field generate intense emotional excitement for fans....

Launch of the History of Kaduna

  Kaduna Archdiocese celebrates 50 years and launches history The 50th anniversary of the erection of the Archdiocese of Kaduna was celebrated on...

Parish Publications

Blackrock Road Newsletter - 10th January 2010 Blackrock Road Newsletter - 13th December 2009  

Our SMA Logo

An international competition was held to produce a Logo for SMA that would express our life and work. The SMA...


SMA missionaries have published many books over the years.  Following is a partial list of books written and/or published by SMA members. Fr...

African Missionary Newsletter

The first issue of the African Missionary magazine appeared in January 1914. Its first editor was Fr Leo Hale Taylor SMA, later Archbishop of...