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Structures – The governance of the SMA is the General Assembly.

Fr Toni Porcellato April 2013

Fr Porcellato elected as Vicar General

Delegates to the 20th SMA General Assembly, meeting in Rome, elected Fr Antonio Porcellato as Vicar General of the Society, to assist the recently-elected Superior...
map showing the new DIFs

New Shape of Africa

Map of New SMA Districts-in-Formation Success leads to Change The massive growth in...
map showing the new DIFs

A New Shape for SMA in Africa

Map of the new SMA Districts-in-formation Success leads to Change The massive growth in SMA membership in Africa has necessitated major changes. We now...

Gulf of Guinea District-in-formation

Gulf of Guinea District-in-formation A brief history The SMA was founded by Bishop de Brésillac on 8 December 1856 in Lyons, France. The Society had a...

Bight of Benin District-in-formation 2010

In 1983 the Society of African Missions (SMA) decided the time was right to widen its membership base. From its foundation in 1856 SMA priests...