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Dialogue seeks to promote greater understanding, mutual respect and cooperation in areas of common concern between Muslims and Christians.

“Each member of the faithful and all Christian communities are called to practise dialogue, although not always to the same degree or in the same way.” – Redemptoris Missio

Church teaching is very clear that we are all called to engage it dialogue according to our situation and abilities just as we are called to love our neighbour. Dialogue is living our faith in the presence of people of another faith. It is a means of loving a neighbour who is not a Christian by reaching out to them in a spirit of respect and openness.


2nd anniversary of Fr Maccalli’s abduction

Today, 17 September 2020, we are particularly mindful of our kidnapped SMA brother, Fr Pierluigi Maccalli who was taken from his Mission in...
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Cork Christians Invited to celebration marking the Last Friday of Ramadan

Cork Christians Invited to celebration marking the Last Friday of RamadanThe SMA Justice Office was happy to help facilitate the invitation extended by Sheikh...

Message for the end of Ramadan 2013 – Pope Francis

Message for the end of Ramadan 2013 Each year, the Vatican issues a message to Muslims, to mark the end of Ramadan.  This year...

Interview – Cork City Community Radio

Interview on Cork City Community Radio Following the publication of the new Muslim Christian Dialogue Resource  “A Journey Together”   Nura Haji and Gerry Forde, who researched...

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This resource is aimed at both Muslims and Christians in Ireland.  It promotes the development of mutual respect, understanding and...

Knocking on the Door

This Booklet is in two parts. The first looks briefly at what the Church teaches about interreligious dialogue with Muslims.  The second part,...

Overview of Islam

AN OVERVIEW OF ISLAMAccording to the 2011 Census, almost 50,000 Muslims in Ireland. Yet most of the Irish population have very...

Ramadan follow-up Event

Ramadan follow-up Event A meal to mark the end of Ramadan and to acknowledge the effort and commitment of those who undertook the fast was...