Boko Haram continue their attacks

In the lead up to the Nigerian Presidential election on Saturday, 28 March, the militant Boko Haram Islamic group continued to wreak havoc and destruction on the people of north-eastern Nigeria. Two days before the elections – for President and other office-holders – Boko Haram members killed at least ten people in a bomb attack on the Gombe bus station, in Bauchi State. They targeted a bus heading for Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

The election result was historic – the first time an incumbent Head of State was beaten by a challenger – and the fact that President Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat even before the Electoral Commission had released the official result has calmed the situation throughout the country. Hopefully, their followers will heed the words and example of their political leaders.

President-elect Muhammadu Buhari, a former military leader of the country [1984-1985] has failed to be elected in three previous elections. This was the second time he faced President Goodluck Jonathan. Part of his appeal this time was his commitment to deal effectively with Boko Haram as soon as he takes office. Most Nigerians will pray that this will be one promise he will be able to keep.

In an article following the result the IRIN News Agency spoke of Nigerians as the winners in the tense elections.










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