Africa’s Great Green Wall and The ‘Laudato Tree’ Project

In the past year we have heard a lot about building a wall between Mexico and the United States. A wall about keeping people out. 

Africa is proposing to build a wall too. A Great Green Wall which, if successful, will be ranked as a wonder of the world. 

This is a wall that we all can believe in because it has several noble objectives. 

By 2020, 60 million people from sub-Saharan Africa are expected to migrate because of desertification caused by Climate Breakdown. African nations have decided to take action with an $8bn project with the aim of restoring degraded land.  

The wall will span 11 countries. It will measure 8,000 km long and 15 km wide

In the following short BBC documentary, you will see Senegalese women, already engaged in building the wall who are singing:

“Praise to the trees [Laudato Trees!]
The wall will bring you wealth”

They are engaged in planting 11 million trees!

These women, along with Pope Francis’s great environmental encyclical Laudato Si’, have inspired Don Mullan to collaborate with the SMA to develop The “Laudato Tree” Project ©*. The project will encourage the planting of trees in Ireland and also along Africa’s Great Green Wall. You will learn more about it in the coming months. 

This is a historic moment! Let’s help MAKE AFRICA GREAT AGAIN!

It is part of the SMA commitment to the people of Africa, fighting Climate Breakdown and engaging in a positive and creative way to help heal the earth.

We encourage you to watch the short BBC video below. For further information on The Great Green Wall Project, please click here.