A New Social Contract for a New Century

Fr. Sean Healy SMA

Fr Sean Healy SMA, Director of Social Justice Ireland, has announced the publication of the 2017 ‘Socio-Economic Review’ entitled ‘A New Social Contract for a New Century’.

In the review Social Justice Ireland argues that Ireland’s social contract is broken and an alternative is required. It goes on to spell out in detail what that alternative might look like.

In a statement sent to the SMA Communications Office, Fr Healy says:

“This annual publication is a major component of our activity, offering an opportunity to restate and reinforce the core elements of our mission, as well as to assess and comment upon the most pressing issues facing Irish society in 2017.

“The Review contains 14 chapters, covering a diverse range of topics ranging from Income Distribution to Sustainability, from Housing and Accommodation to Rural Development. We have worked hard to make sure each is presented in a clear and comprehensive manner and that the information contained therein both informs and prompts further discussion and analysis.”

Social Justice Ireland publishes this Review as a contribution to a much needed public debate on a sustainable and desirable future. Copies are being sent to members of Government, Opposition Leaders, senior civil servants, civil society organisations and a wide range of others who have a role to play in shaping Ireland’s future.

In the effort to build a more just and fair society, Fr Healy asked us to draw readers attention to a series of regional meetings in the following locations:

Sligo (Saturday, 6th May, 10.30am);

Swords, Co. Dublin (Saturday 13th May, 1030am);

Cashel (Saturday 20th May, 10.30am) and

Wexford (Thursday 8th June, 7.30pm). 

We will publish further details of the meeting in due course, including exact venues.

If you wish to register click here.

The full text of the Review may be accessed here.  An executive summary may be accessed here.

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