A Future worth living for


Recent years have seen extraordinary austerity imposed on people by Governments who agreed to repay bondholders and financial institutions who had gambled their resources recklessly. Most people believe there is something profoundly wrong with a system which forces poor and middle-income people to repay in full the debts incurred by these gamblers. The resulting cutbacks in expenditure and rises in taxation have hit most people very hard. Their incomes are down and their services have been reduced or cost far more.

This situation has led people to raise serious questions about the future.

Is it possible to build an alternative future that would be both desirable and sustainable?

What would real recovery look like?

Is the pathway currently being travelled likely to produce such a recovery?

How might a sustainable, alternative future be developed?

These are some of the questions to be addressed at a seminar entitled: ‘A future worth living for’ taking place in Cork on Thursday, 13 June.

Full details here.  

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