A Call for Restraint – Nigerian National Peace Committee Statement

The Provincial of the OLA Sisters, Sr Kathleen McGarvey OLA, has forwarded an email received on July 11, 2017, from Arthur-Martins AGINAM, Ph.D, from the Kukah Centre/National Peace Committee, Nigeria.

The email included a Statement by the National Peace Committee of Nigeria on the state of the nation. Dr AGINAM wrote that the Statement “touches on the ongoing separatist agitation in the country and the sometimes vitriolic responses to it.”

The Statement, entitled “A call for Restraint” is signed by General Abdusalam ABUBAKAR and the Bishop of the Catholic Dioceses of Sokoto, Most Rev. Matthew Hassan KUKAH. It stresses the need for all sides to exercise restraint and to work for national unity. It further tasks governments at all levels to begin to seriously address critical political and socio-economic challenges that foster hostility and distrust among Nigerians.

Disturbed by the recent hate speeches from sections of the country, the committee noted that the drums of rising division reflect the perception by Nigerian citizens that there is poor governance in Nigeria today.

Specifically, the Committee enjoined the government to study the report of the National Political Reforms Conference (NPRC) of 2005 and “other National Conferences”, apparently referring to the National Conference organised by President Goodluck Jonathan Government in 2014.

You may access the full statement by clicking here.


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