How the State can make Ireland a leader in tackling climate change

Dear Friends and Confreres,

All our efforts to promote the Thumbprint Campaign for Climate Justice springs from the conviction that Climate Change is one of the most critical issues of our time and will have a detrimental impact on human society and living standards of people of the present and of future generations. 

Our efforts and energy are exerted at a local level and it is of vital importance that such activity should continue at grass-root level.  However, if real and permanent change is to be effected, there must be an all-embracing drive to move communities, organisations, institutions, and government to become part of the solution to address the harmful damage of climate change. 

Lives are at stake;  land masses are being affected; water levels will and are rising; large masses of ice blocks are melting and fracturing; deserts are expanding; tropical forests are diminishing and the list can go on. 

As we are impotent to address such overwhelming issues as individuals, we have to resort to advocacy and pressurising our government to stand up on our behalf.  And our Irish Government has not a good track record and is failing to live up to its commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Citizens Assembly is currently in session;  it has spoken loudly on abortion, it should speak with equal vehemence on Climate Change. Submissions are invited from the public to address the Citizens Assembly on Climate Change. 

We cannot ignore this opportunity for each of us to be heard;  to remain silent removes our right to complain of the inertia of our government to meet its commitments. 

You can reach the page of the Citizens Assembly by clicking on the link below.  On the left-hand side there is a menu; go down to “make a submission”.  It gives each one of us the opportunity to make a statement to encourage our government to act so that Ireland becomes a leader in tackling climate change.

Thank you for your consideration.

Fr Maurice Henry SMA

You can access the Citizen’s Assembly Submissions page by clicking here.


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