2013 First Holy Communions in Blackrock Road

On Saturday, 27 April, 26 children from our Primary school at Crab Lane made their First Holy Communion in St Joseph’s Parish Church on Blackrock Road. It was a wonderful celebration, for both children, parents and and their families.

1 May 2013 nIn a spirit of Thanksgiving and in honour of the feast of St. Jospeh the Worker, the parish feast day, the children and their families where invited to participate in the Eucharist on that day, 1 May.

Our picture shows Fr Tommy explaining about Feltrim House and those who live there.

Those who came at 6.30pm gathered around the statue of Our Lady and processed to the Church for their Thanksgiving Mass, praying the Rosary and singing hymns.

Our Parish Priest, Fr Tommy Wade SMA, led the procession, stopping on the way to explain to the children what some of the buildings are used for: St Theresa’s (for sick missionaries who have come home from many years in Africa); Feltrim House (where the SMA Leadership team live). Fr Tommy mentioned that the present Provincial Leader, Fr Fachtna O’Driscoll, had just been elected the SMA Superior General and that he would have to move from Feltrim to the SMA House in Rome.

After our Procession we gathered in the Church for our Mass. Fr Tommy was the chief celebrant, assisted by Fr. Kevin Conway SMA.

1 May 2013 fIn his homily, Fr. Kevin invited the children to help him, giving some of them a piece of a jig-saw puzzle. Each child had been given a brown envelope containing a piece of the jigsaw. He asked them to work together, along with Sr. Luke FSSJ and Fr. Tommy, to build the jig-saw.

When the children were finished building the jig-saw, they noticed that a piece of the puzzle was missing.

Then Fr. Kevin began to remind them of how important each one of us is when we1 May 2013 e come together to pray or come together to celebrate Mass. He also told them that the puzzle symbolised different aspects of our parish and family life. Some of us can be Readers at Mass, Eucharistic Ministers, welcoming people at the door, altar servers….

Fr. Kevin then made the point that without Christ in the center of everything we do, many things lose meaning.

To make his point Fr. Kevin found the centre-piece of the puzzle and asked Mr. Denis O`Sullivan, the Crab Lane School Principal, to complete the jig-saw by putting the centre-piece into its place. When that was done the puzzle was complete and the whole picture could be seen.

And just as the puzzle was now complete because all the pieces were there, Fr Kevin reminded that unless we have Christ at the centre of our lives we are not complete. We need Christ in our lives to make our lives complete.

1 May 2013

After the celebration of the mass, all were invited for some light refreshments in the parish office and on the grounds of the parish. It was a lovely mild evening and it was good to see the children running around and playing, even if they were wearing their Communion / School outfits.

Fr Tommy thanked everyone involved for their efforts in preparing the Mass and for the refreshments afterwards.

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