Latest SMA Justice Briefing

We Pollute Others PayClimate change is a global problem with grave implications. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity today. Its worst impact will probably be felt by developing countries in coming decades [Laudato Si’, #26]

It is no surprise that the SMA Justice Office is concentrating on Climate Justice in the run-up to the Paris meeting of UN COP [Conference of the Parties] beginning at the end of this month.

Political leaders from around the world need to stand up to the intense lobbying by so many groups and companies for whom the bottom line – be it Dollars, Rubles, Renminbi or Euro… – counts far more than the lives of innocent people, particularly in the developing world.

The Briefing highlights eight impacts of Climate change on 

weather patterns,
water supply and quality,
agriculture and food,
human health,
vulnerable populations,
national security,

Download complete Briefing here.