JUSTICE ISSUES click on the links below for information on these issues which affect the lives of millions of Africans

Climate Change:  Africans are already feeling the effects of the climate change caused largely by the carbon emissions of the western and industiralised world. Read more

Access to Medicines in Africa:   In Europe we take access to the medicines we need for granted.  In Africa it is not so easy, very often medicines are either not available or else are not effective.    Read more

 Biofuels:  Also called Agri‐fuels they are liquid fuels made from plant material, mostly food crops at present. They are used to power transport vehicles. Biofuels burn with lower emissions of carbon monoxide. There are different forms of Biofuel.  The production of crops for biofuels (e.g. Maize, Sugar Cane, Palm Oil and Jathropa) has a negative effect on food production, access to water and human habitation Read more 

Food Security:  Is the situation in which all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for a healthy life.  In Africa this is threatened by reasons ranging through climate change, land lease by foreigners, wars, etc.  Read More

Arms Control:  In mother childAfrica the consequence of a poorly regulated arms trade has been the proliferation of weapons across Africa. In monetary terms it is estimated that armed conflicts cost Africa €18 billion a year. The human cost in terms of lives lost or destroyed is incalculable. Read More  

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