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Cork and SMA Nostalgia: How we sported ’n played

"... there was something innately good about Derry Cremen... His simple ways taught us honesty and integrity: that you don’t take shortcuts or cheat. Above...

The August 2017 Prayer of Pope Francis is for Artists

A popular quote we often hear but find hard to understand is “beauty will save the world.” How will beauty save the world? The...

Relief aid for Ebola vicitims in Sierra Leone

The Society of African Missions (SMA) was founded in Lyons, France in 1856 by Bishop Marion deBrésillac with the aim of evangelizing Africa and...

More Claregalway 2014 photos

We present a series of photos taken during the 2014 SMA Claregalway Family Funday which took place on Sunday, 1 June. Enjoy! A shot of...

SMA Claregalway Dog Show

Without doubt one of the highlights was the Dog Show. Many come to the Funday solely to watch the different breeds of dogs...

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